What Is the Difference Between a Pre-Settlement and Post-Settlement Loan?

Staff Writer | March 20th, 2020

While you’re waiting for a personal injury lawsuit to resolve, you’re likely watching the bills pile up. If you’re hurt and can’t work for an extended period of time, it’s tough to pay medical bills, the rent, and other routine expenses. Fortunately, plaintiffs often have access to legal funding to tide them over until their lawsuit is resolved. Two forms… Read more »

3 Dangers of Being in Debt

Staff Writer | February 7th, 2020

If you’ve been in an accident due to the negligent actions of another party, your expenses for treatment of injuries, medical bills, wages you’ve lost while undergoing treatment, and more might be mounting up. If you’ve brought a lawsuit against the at-fault parties, you may eventually receive a settlement, but in the meantime, you’ve got to pay the bills and… Read more »

Financial Resources for Essure Lawsuit Plaintiffs

Jacky Gale | March 14th, 2018

During 2016 alone, Essure manufacturer Bayer reported losses of $413 million that were directly associated with litigation filed with regard to its medical device. It’s a drop in the bucket for a company that reported $48 billion in revenue during that year, but it’s still reflective of the significant legal issues that have been hounding the embattled company. Over 3,700… Read more »

Need Cash Now? Yaz and Yasmin Settlement Loans Available

Jacky Gale | January 9th, 2015

Far too many prospective Yaz and Yasmin plaintiffs decide not to file lawsuits against Bayer because they worry that not only will it take years for them to see a check, the litigation itself will be costly. Legal fees are certainly not insignificant and while the litigation is pending, plaintiffs must also deal with their medical bills and everyday living… Read more »

Transvaginal Mesh Settlement Loans Bridge Gap Between Urgent Bills and Future Payouts

Jenn Fusion | December 18th, 2014

Thousands of women who have been injured by transvaginal mesh devices received good news when big manufacturers like Endo, Bard, and Coloplast agreed to set aside hundreds of millions for settlement offers. Despite this news, waiting for a settlement payout can seem like an eternity when medical bills are mounting and plaintiffs are unable to work due to disability. In… Read more »