Commercial Litigation Loan

Commercial litigation can cause some heavy financial strain on your business. During a lengthy legal battle, you may even consider closing your doors temporarily or permanently. This, of course, puts an even greater burden on your savings and finances, but you may not feel like there’s an alternative.

There is. A litigation loan can help bridge the gap between today’s money woes and tomorrow’s settlement. And with LawStreet Capital, one of the nation’s top legal funding companies, the loan process is easy and stress-free.

What are commercial lawsuit loans?

Don’t give into the temptation to settle today for less than you deserve. Commercial litigation funding provides financial relief for business owners engaged in an ongoing lawsuit. More of a cash advance than a loan, the funds from a commercial lawsuit loan can help see your business through financial hardship or help pay your litigation costs as you await a successful settlement. Think of it as the cash required to buy you extra time to settle your case in a fair and proper manner.

Types of commercial litigation funding

Several types of cases fall within commercial litigation including:

  • Anti-trust: For lawsuits involving unfair business practices between businesses. Examples include price fixing, certain types of mergers, and monopolies.
  • Breach of contract: Litigation involving a business that has failed to live up to the terms of a contract.
  • Construction: Poor workmanship, such as a cracked foundation or leaky plumbing, that has affected your business.
  • Environment: Environmental litigation deals with a business that has polluted the air or water of its surrounding community.
  • Jones Act: This involves litigation surrounding workers who have been injured on ships at sea.
  • Patent: Patent or copyright infringement cases.
  • Product liability: Complaints filed due to a product or service that does not perform as promised.
  • Plaintiffs involved in these cases may qualify for commercial lawsuit loans.

How legal funding companies can help

If you are involved in litigation of this nature, legal funding companies can help. Advance funding can cover your operating expenses and legal fees while you await resolution to your case. With LawStreet Capital, your application is quick and easy, and we give you fast approval within 24 hours. And if you don’t settle your case, you won’t owe us anything, so there’s no risk to you. Get started today by filling out our free, online application or calling us at 800-345-8500.