Pre Settlement Loans

LawStreet Capital offers pre settlement loans to fund your case and help you breach the financial gap between pending lawsuit and successful settlement. Pre settlement loans are actually a type of cash advance that allows you, the plaintiff, to borrow cash against your future settlement. There is no risk to you at all: Instead of a typical loan repayment structure—as with, for example, a home loan— a lawsuit loan is known as a non-recourse loan, which means it is a loan that you only have to repay if you win your case.

At LawStreet Capital, we understand the stress that can accompany money woes. We also know that no matter how strong your case, you may not receive the funds from a successful verdict or settlement for an extended period of time. In the interim, you are still responsible for mortgage or rent payments, monthly bills, groceries, transportation costs, and your legal fees. Expenses increase even as your income wanes due to your injuries. That’s where LawStreet Capital, one of the leading lawsuit loan companies in the nation, steps in to help.

Pre settlement loans

If your financial worries have you considering an inadequate or unfair settlement amount, this is your cue to consider a lawsuit loan with LawStreet Capital. Our simple and easy online application is completely free, and we promise you no hidden costs and zero obligation. We provide legal funding to help see you through this time of financial concern, so you can pay you bills while you fight for a fair settlement.

LawStreet Capital is a direct lender, meaning there’s no middleman. We offer comprehensive pre settlement loans at the best rates, including the absolute lowest interest rates in the nation. Here are some advantages to funding from LawStreet Capital:

  • Quick online application with no employment verification or credit checks
  • 24-hour approval process
  • Funds available overnight
  • No Risk: you only repay your lawsuit loan if you win your case
  • No monthly fees
  • Lowest rates in the industry

Common types of cases eligible for lawsuit loans

LawStreet Capital approves many different types of legal complaints for funding. These include:

  • Birth injury
  • Construction injuries
  • Defective products
  • Maritime
  • Medical malpractice
  • Negligence
  • Railroad or train accidents
  • Personal injury
  • Pharmaceutical cases
  • Product liability
  • Vehicle and motorcycle accidents
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death

Apply today

At LawStreet Capital, we pride ourselves on an easy application process, 24-hour approval, and quick delivery of your cash advance. We promise to charge no hidden fees, and our free quote carries absolutely no obligation to you.

After you complete our online application, we’ll contact your attorney about your case. Once we approve your loan, we’ll overnight you a check or deliver funds via electronic transfer. If you need cash now, please fill out the application to the right of the screen, or contact one of our dedicated representatives toll-free at 800-345-8500.