Lawsuit Loans and Settlement Funding

We can provide the cash you need, with approval in 24 hours. LawStreet Capital has established itself as one of the most respected lawsuit loan companies in the nation by offering no-risk, low-rate cash advances to plaintiffs to help them cover expenses while they await pending lawsuit settlements. The 24-hour approval process for our lawsuit loans requires no credit check, employment verification, or hidden fees of any kind. Whether you are burdened by medical costs due to a personal injury or malpractice, or the insurance company is withholding payments to force you to settle your case for a reduced amount, we can provide the necessary funds to keep you afloat until you obtain your settlement. The fast-access settlement loans provided by LawStreet Capital give you the financial freedom to pay your mortgage, rent, medical expenses, and other costs of living while you wait for the legal process to take its due course.

We are a direct lender. Avoid lawsuit funding companies that pretend to be direct lenders but are really just middlemen referring you to third-party lenders for a substantial finder’s fee—sometimes as much as 20% of the total loan amount. With LawStreet Capital, you never have to worry about hidden costs: We ARE a direct lender. Our quick and easy lawsuit loans come with no hidden costs, and we offer the lowest interest rates in the industry. Our pre settlement loans aren’t really loans at all, but risk-free cash advances on the settlements you expect to receive when your pending lawsuit reaches resolution.

Lawsuit funding for attorneys and law firms. We provide capital to law firms to help them manage cases and cover operating and trial costs in advance of pending settlements. We understand the cash flow volatility experienced by attorneys working on a contingency fee basis. Lawsuit loans from LawStreet Capital are the solution, allowing you to leverage your future settlements for cash funds to finance your case now and ensure the best possible outcome for you and your client.

Apply Now and Get Approved in 24 Hours

Our lawsuit settlement loans come with NO RISK to you. If you do not win your case, you do not owe us a dime. The application process is fast and hassle-free. There is NO credit check, and NO employment verification required. We will evaluate your case and approve you for the largest possible cash advance within 24 hours. Once you are approved, you will have your cash in hand overnight, either by express mail, or digital transfer to your bank account.

We know that sometimes families can’t wait for their case to settle. Get the settlement money you deserve now, when you need it most. We offer lawsuit loans nationwide. Call us today!


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