Litigation Loans

The scenario is common and possibly all too familiar: you were injured, incurred serious medical bills and lifestyle changes, and as a result sought legal damages to cover your expenses. But while your lawsuit drags on, the bills never stop. You are still required to pay your rent or mortgage, cover your monthly utility bills, and afford costly medical treatments, prescription medications, and physical therapy. You feel like you’re floundering financially, and may even be considering settling for less than you should, if only to lift the burden of financial worry.

Litigation loans, including a personal injury lawsuit loan and settlement loans, advance you the cash you need to bridge the gap between your pending lawsuit and successful settlement or jury verdict. Though they do not fit the definition of a traditional loan, having the cash on hand as you wait for resolution makes the time between easier at least from a financial standpoint, helping you keep up-to-date on all your expenses.

Types of litigation loans

Lawsuit loans can benefit individuals engaged in many types of legal battles. They include:

  • Commercial litigation loans: Commercial claims usually involving anti-trust, breach of contract, copyright or patent infringement, and other legal matters for small and large businesses. These loans can make the difference between staying open for business and closing your doors forever.
  • Defective medical device lawsuit loans: When medical devices, like knee replacements or heart valves, prove defective or dangerous, injured parties may have legal options. Since these claims often involve big companies (with even bigger pockets – and the attorneys to match), pre settlement loans can help level the playing field or provide interim financial relief.
  • Personal injury lawsuit loan: Personal injury lawsuits tend to cost less and settle faster than other lawsuits. These claims involve personal injuries, usually as the result of negligence or an accident that is the fault of another party. If you are approved for a personal injury lawsuit loan, you will be required to pay back your cash advance only if you win your case.
  • Pharmaceutical claims & dangerous drug lawsuits: If you have suffered injuries from prescription drugs, then you may be engaged in a pharmaceutical or dangerous drug claim. These cases often involve product liability, failure to warn, and negligence associated with the manufacture, sales and marketing of a prescription medication. Thousands of plaintiffs file dangerous drug lawsuits every year, which means these cases are often consolidated in multidistrict litigation or mass torts. While you wait for resolution to your claim, legal funding can help you afford your monthly expenses.

Get a settlement cash advance today

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