Settlement Loans

As your lawsuit stretches out before you, and your attorney tells you that a settlement could take an unspecified amount of time to come to fruition, panic can set in. You have bills to pay, mortgage payments to make. As foreclosure or bankruptcy looms over your head, your personal funds and life savings are tied up in ongoing litigation. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one priority for another.

Settlement loans can help ensure your success on both fronts – paying your bills and funding a successful lawsuit. This type of loan involves both pre-settlement and post settlement funding, and can also help refinance an existing lawsuit loan at a lower, better rate. LawStreet Capital is here to help, and we offer the best service and the lowest interest rates in the industry. Our simple application process is quick and easy. We have no up-front fees, and we will get your funds to you as fast as possible.

What are settlement loans?

If you have received a structured settlement that is being paid out incrementally over time, and you prefer to get a larger lump sum now, than a post settlement loan may be right for you. If your lawsuit is still pending, than you may be eligible for a pre settlement loan.

Pre settlement loans provide fast cash with no risk to you. They are not loans in the traditional sense, since they are more like cash advances on your future verdict or settlement. Known as non-recourse loans, they obligate you to repay your cash advance only if you win your case. There’s no risk to you: If we approve your loan and you don’t win your lawsuit, you owe us nothing.

Pre or post settlement cash advances can be obtained for many types of cases, including:

  • Civil Rights
  • Construction Negligence
  • Jones Act Worker Claims
  • Railroad Injures (FELA)
  • Pedestrian Injury
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Injury
  • Wrongful Death

Benefits of lawsuit loans

LawStreet Capital is one of the top lawsuit funding companies in the nation. We offer settlement loans in all 50 states, and are proud to have helped thousands of plaintiffs who were awaiting settlements get the cash they needed, when they needed it.

We offer the lowest lawsuit loan interest rates in the country. On top of that, we offer a simple application process, 24-hour approval process, and overnight processing of your loans. And we’ll approve your loan with no employment verification, no credit check, and no requirement of monthly payments.

Who is LawStreet Capital?

LawStreet Capital is a direct lender, not a middleman. That means that we assume all the risk, and you get your cash now, when you need it. Remember, with all our loans, if you don’t win your case and collect a settlement, you won’t be required to pay back your loan. There’s no risk to you.

We don’t resort to hard-sell tactics, or limited-time offers. There’s no application fee, or other hidden fees. If you’re ready to begin the process, start by filling out the form to the right of your screen, or by calling one of our helpful representatives toll-free at 800-345-8500.