Structured Settlement Loan

A structured settlement loan is available to plaintiffs who have successfully won their cases and are now receiving periodic payments of their award. Usually, structured settlements involve small payments over a period of years, which is favorable for some plaintiffs- but not all. If you find yourself in the “others” camp, lawsuit loans can help. LawStreet Capital offers loans on settlements to convert your periodic payments into a lump payment right now.

What is structured settlement loan?

Despite its name, a structured settlement loan is more of an exchange or cash advance, allowing you to sell part or all of your structured settlement for a lump-sum payment today. Loans on settlements are an excellent option if you are suffering financial uncertainty or hardship, for example due to costly medical bills or lost wages incurred in connection with your legal matter. And unlike traditional loans, a structured settlement loan doesn’t require you to put up collateral or prove your income. There’s no employment verification. We simply approve your request and pay you, often within 24 hours of approval.

What are the benefits of a structured settlement loan?

The biggest advantage of loans on settlements is that they are the easiest, fairest and best way to get immediate cash. Your credit card charges exorbitant interest on cash advances, and your bank will make you jump through hoops (not to mention make monthly payments). Why do that if you already have plenty of money? Your only stumbling block is converting your funds from periodic payments to cash right now, and that’s where LawStreet Capital steps in. We’ll buy all or part of your settlement and convert it to a large payment that you can use right now.

Fast approval, overnight payments

LawStreet Capital understands the needs of our clients. You need your money now and that’s why you came looking for us. Our application process is simple, and even better- it’s free. We expedite every request with a goal of having you approved within 24 hours and overnight your funds via your choice of electronic bank transfer or check.

We don’t believe in the hard sell, so we will never pressure you. We believe in our services and let them speak for themselves. If you have any questions or concerns, please give our friendly representatives a call at 800-345-8500. This isn’t a limited time offer, so take your time. When you’re ready, begin by filling out our free application to the right of your screen. We promise no upfront costs or hidden fees.