Lawsuit Loans

While their lawsuits are pending, plaintiffs often find themselves in a financial crunch. Life savings and personal funds are tied up in their case, while expensive surgeries, medications, medical bills and physical therapy costs grow. Plaintiffs may struggle to meet the day-to-day expenses of life ­– mortgage payments, bills, gasoline and even groceries can quickly deplete savings and eat up monthly income.

Financial burdens can make some plaintiffs feel the need to settle for less than what they deserve in order to secure an immediate lawsuit settlement. That shouldn’t be the case. If you have suffered injuries or injustices, you deserve a fair settlement.

If you are currently waiting for a lawsuit settlement, lawsuit loans can be the answer to your problem. This type of lawsuit advance is actually not a loan, but a type of cash advance known as a non-recourse loan. Unlike traditional loans, you are not required to repay a lawsuit advance unless you win your case. That means there’s no risk to you. LawStreet Capital is one of the top legal loan companies in the nation, and we offer a variety of settlement loans:

How can lawsuit loans help me?

For some, lawsuits are resolved quickly. But for others, the process may stretch on for months or years. An insurance company may not agree to an immediate settlement. Your trial date may be delayed. As a result, your savings are drained and your family’s finances are in serious jeopardy. That’s where lawsuit loans come in. Before you claim bankruptcy or settle for less than you deserve, explore the option of a lawsuit advance.

How legal loan companies work

LawStreet Capital offers cash loans to cover your personal and legal expenses today, when you need to pay. We offer both pre-settlement and post settlement funding, so whether you’ve just begun the legal process or have already started to recieve a settlement payout, we can help.

LawStreet Capital is proud to offer the lowest interest rates of any legal loan companies in the country. We also have a fast and simple application process, and will make a decision to approve your loan within 24 hours of speaking with your attorney. Once we’ve approved your request, we’ll get your funds to you as fast as overnight. We can pay via check or electronic funds transfer to your account – whatever works best for you.

Apply for a lawsuit advance

The loan application process is simple. You can start by filling out our online form, located to the right of your screen, or by calling one of our representatives toll-free at 800-345-8500. There is no application fee, and we have no hidden costs or other up-front fees. Let us help you get the settlement money need, when you need it.