Who Pays for My Medical Bills After an Accident?

Jacky Gale | January 7th, 2019
An "Emergency" Sign in front of a hospital in the early evening

Did you know that unexpected medical bills are one of the most common reasons for filing for bankruptcy? You might think that the party who caused your accident is legally on the hook for paying your medical bills. But it’s an unfortunate fact that accident victims are responsible for paying their own medical expenses as they are incurred. Insurance reimbursement… Read more »

Challenges and Solutions for Plaintiffs After Amputation

Jacky Gale | December 12th, 2018

The loss of a limb is something incomprehensible to people who have not experienced it. In the coming days and months, you’ll receive plenty of advice from doctors, therapists, and loved ones. But some of the most valuable guidance comes from other amputees who truly do know what you’re going through and what might help you deal with it. Go… Read more »

4 Requirements for Pre-Settlement Loans

Staff Writer | November 19th, 2018

If you are involved in a court case in which you have filed a suit for damages from injuries that stemmed from the negligence or harmful actions of another entity, you may be eligible for a pre-settlement loan. As the term implies, a pre-settlement loan is a loan given to tide you over until your case is settled. It works… Read more »

Legal Funding Eases Pressure of Expert Witness Fees

Staff Writer | October 5th, 2018

Those who have suffered a serious personal injury understand the expenses involved, the impact on family and career, and the prospect of lifetime impairment. A personal injury lawsuit offers the opportunity to recoup many of the costs from one or more at-fault parties. Most plaintiffs understand that they have bear the burden of proof in these cases, but what is… Read more »

How Roundup Cancer Plaintiffs Can Get a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Jacky Gale | September 7th, 2018

More than 8,000 lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto regarding the alleged carcinogenic nature of its Roundup weed killer. Recently, a California jury found in favor of a plaintiff who had applied the herbicide for years in his duties as a groundskeeper. He subsequently developed terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The jury awarded the plaintiff, Dwayne Johnson, $39 million in compensatory damages… Read more »