Attorney Loans

Building your law practice takes expertise and countless hours of hard work. It also takes money. Promising cases can take longer than expected to reach resolution, and payouts from successful settlements are often too slow to keep up with your expenses. That’s where attorney loans come in. Law firm loans provide the necessary capital to keep attorneys and their firms afloat as they await pending settlement payments.

What are attorney loans?

There are a variety of law firm loan options, including lawsuit financing, lines of credit, lawyer loans and case funding. Though the term “loans” is often used, lawyer funding is more like a cash advance that allows you to receive capital today to fund tomorrow’s success.

Why should I apply for a law firm loan?

Law firm loans provide capital to fund the costs of litigation. Attorney loans can help you fund studies or finance the appearance of expert witnesses who are integral to your case. Lawyer funding is meant to help you present the best possible case to a jury, and win the biggest settlement.

Loans for lawyers

LawStreet Capital offers a simple application process, 24-hour hour approval, and the lowest legal loan interest rates available in the country. Once we approve your request for attorney funding, you will receive those funds as soon as overnight.

Unlike other legal funding companies, we don’t rely on the hard sell. There’s no pressure to make an immediate decision, and no limited time offers. Take your time, evaluate the timelines of your pending lawsuits, and consider your needs. When you need us, we’re here. Begin the process by filling out the application at right, or call us toll-free at 800-345-8500. Your application is always free, and we charge no up-front costs.