Settlement Advance Loans

Many people who have filed lawsuits have discovered that the legal process can often be slow, with resolutions taking longer than expected to come to fruition. As you wait for your rightful settlement, your personal expenses continue to accumulate—bills, mortgage payments, medical expenses, costly surgeries, physical therapy, property damages, or other costs can snowball quickly.

Settlement advance loans are not actually loans, but rather they are a type of cash advance – and a solution to your financial woes. A settlement loan is an advance on the predicted outcome of your case. LawStreet Capital gets you the money you need to stay afloat until your full settlement is awarded. The application is free and there are no hidden costs or fees. A settlement loan is a no-risk “non-recourse” loan, meaning that if you don’t win you case, you won’t owe a cent.

Settlement advance loans

When determining your lawsuit loan amount, LawStreet Capital takes several factors into account. First and foremost, your case must demonstrate that the defendant is clearly liable or at fault. The more evidence you have to support this fact, the more likely you are to receiving funding. Additionally, if the defendant has been found liable in similar cases, your chances to be approved for legal funding increase.

Beyond being legally liable, the defendant must have the financial resources to pay damages. If the defendant is a company with a solid history of profits, this can positively affect your settlement loan application.

Other factors that a legal funding company will consider

When considering your application, LawStreet Capital factors in expenses—such as medical bills or therapy costs—that your settlement must cover. A legal funding company will also take attorney fees and other legal costs into account. For instance, is your lawyer retained on a contingency basis, or do you pay an hourly fee? For settlement advance loans, your lawyer must agree to receive a contingency payment based on the outcome of your claim. In approving your loan, LawStreet Capital takes on an equivalent risk.

Finally, your state’s laws may also impact your eligibility for settlement loan funding.

Apply today

Don’t let everyday financial burdens force you to settle your lawsuit for less than you deserve. Settlement advance loans offer a no-risk solution for fast funds today. We’ll let you know within 24 hours whether we’ve approved your loan. If you are approved, you’ll have your cash sum by the next day. To begin the process, fill out the online application located to the right of your screen, or call our 24-hour on-call representatives at 800-345-8500.