Transvaginal Mesh Settlement Loans Bridge Gap Between Urgent Bills and Future Payouts

Jenn Fusion | December 18th, 2014

lawyer and jurorsThousands of women who have been injured by transvaginal mesh devices received good news when big manufacturers like Endo, Bard, and Coloplast agreed to set aside hundreds of millions for settlement offers. Despite this news, waiting for a settlement payout can seem like an eternity when medical bills are mounting and plaintiffs are unable to work due to disability.

In one recent study by the American Bar Association, the average length of time to settle a class action lawsuit was about three years. The quickest a case settled was 105 days, whereas the longest time to settlement was 15 years.

If you, like many others, function in “the real world” and need money now, a surgical mesh lawsuit loan can help you get by while you wait.

Transvaginal mesh settlements and jury awards

As of December 15, 2014, there were:

  • 9,974 cases pending against C.R. Bard; 280 resolved
  • 18,991 cases pending against American Medical Systems; 327 resolved
  • 14,413 cases pending against Boston Scientific Corp; 248 resolved
  • 22,112 cases pending against Ethicon; 602 resolved
  • 1,763 cases pending against Coloplast; 104 resolved
  • 259 cases pending against Cook Medical; 37 resolved
  • 71 cases pending against Neomedic; 18 resolved

We have noticed that many of these trials end up postponed. Just this month, the third transvaginal mesh lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson was set to go before a jury, but it was delayed until March 2, 2015.

Earlier this year, Judge Goodwin ruled in favor of the defense, as the plaintiff’s attorneys did not present sufficient evidence that Ethicon’s product was poorly or defectively designed. The second Ethicon trial ended with a $3.27 million jury award. In March, a New Jersey state court decided on an $11.1 million jury award for a plaintiff who required at least 18 revision surgeries after being fitted with Ethicon’s Gynecare Prolift mesh. In Texas, a woman was awarded $1.2 million in damages for her debilitating injuries from Ethicon’s TVT-O sling.

Not surprisingly, many of the companies have opted to settle, rather than risk even larger losses through individual trials. Endo is expected to pay $830 million. Bard is to pay $21 million.

As the cases continue to move forward, many plaintiffs are being asked to sit back and wait – even after they have their day in court. Jury awards and settlements can take some time to payout, which is where transvaginal mesh settlement loans come in handy.

Advantages of transvaginal mesh settlement loans

While you await compensation, many expenses pile up – medical bills, utilities, car payments, mortgage payments, grocery expenses, holiday demands. We understand how overwhelming that can be! Many plaintiffs are also suffering the financial hit of lost wages and/or the inability to work while they are waiting for revision surgery or undergoing treatment for a host of unpleasant symptoms. LawStreet Capital is there for you!

Advantages of transvaginal mesh settlement loans include:

  • Fast access to cash – Have cash in your hands in as little as days!
  • No strings attached – Use your money for whatever you want, no questions asked.
  • No income or employment requirements – Non-recourse loan money is more like a cash advance.
  • No monthly payments – We are repaid when your case settles favorably.
  • No risk – If your case loses in court, we don’t take a thing – and you keep the money!
  • Easy assistance – Our lenders ascertain the facts of your case from your attorney, we can approve your application in as little as 24 hours and overnight you a check or make a deposit into your bank account.

Surgical mesh lawsuit loans help plaintiffs

LawStreet Capital is one of the most successful lawsuit funding companies in America, operating in all 50 U.S. states. We truly care about each and every client, which is why we offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. We cover pre-settlement and post-settlement funding to help plaintiffs cover their expenses while they wait for resolution.  To apply for this risk-free cash advance on your pending case, please call 1-866-FUND-662.