Attorney Loans: Putting You on the Fast Track to Success

Katarina Siegfeld | August 25th, 2015

Let’s say you are a young attorney who is part of a new firm. You and the firm have a lot of promise, but you are hampered by a lack of cash. Maybe you feel that you are stretched thin between the dispersement of settlement monies, working from case to case.   Perhaps a settlement is taking longer than you thought… Read more »

Car Accident Injury Lawsuit Funding

Stephanie Reid | June 12th, 2015

You’ve just been through the most traumatic experience of your life: a life-threatening auto accident. As a result, you’ve missed weeks of work, have exhausted your PTO, and are just now regaining full mobility. What’s more, your bills are piling up – and you feel you have nowhere to turn. If this describes your situation, understand that you are not… Read more »

Benefits of an Actos Lawsuit Loan

Stephanie Reid | October 24th, 2014

The powerfully dangerous diabetes drug Actos is the subject of thousands of ongoing cases initiated by patients alleging the onset of bladder cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, bladder cancer can cause significant and debilitating side effects, including pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anemia, lymphedema, infections, infertility, incontinence, and the need for an ostomy. Any one of these symptoms can… Read more »

Attorney Loans Offer a Variety of Advantages

Katarina Siegfeld | March 21st, 2014

There are times when an infusion of capital can make all the difference between a struggling and a successful law firm; that’s where attorney loans come in.  As a lawyer, you may have many reasons for needing temporary funding.  A case takes longer than expected to reach a conclusion or settlement funds take some time until they are paid.  It’s… Read more »

Advantages of Lawsuit Loans for Lawyers

Jacky Gale | November 14th, 2013

The litigation process is a long road, both for attorneys and their clients. It can take years for a case to be resolved through a settlement negotiation or a jury award. In the meantime, attorneys log long hours of hard work and expend considerable resources investigating the case. Since many law firms delay collecting payment for their services until after… Read more »