Benefits of an Actos Lawsuit Loan

Stephanie Reid | October 24th, 2014

Courthouse The powerfully dangerous diabetes drug Actos is the subject of thousands of ongoing cases initiated by patients alleging the onset of bladder cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, bladder cancer can cause significant and debilitating side effects, including pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anemia, lymphedema, infections, infertility, incontinence, and the need for an ostomy. Any one of these symptoms can make it difficult to maintain full-time employment, let alone keep up with the daily responsibilities of managing a home or caring for family members.

As a result, many victims of the drug have turned to an Actos lawsuit as an option to recoup some of their financial losses. However, waiting for an Actos settlement offer from the drug maker Takeda – or enduring the procedural labyrinth of a trial – can take years. For this reason, we suggest considering an Actos lawsuit loan to help you through the financial valley you are experiencing as you anticipate the outcome of your case.

How Actos settlement lending can help

The term “lawsuit loan” is actually a misnomer. Under traditional lending terms, the borrower must repay the balance of the loan with interest regardless of the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event or condition. By contrast, our Actos lawsuit loans need only be repaid in the event you are successful with your case – and you do not owe us any money if you do not receive a settlement or judgment in your favor.

If you are one of the thousands of Actos plaintiffs mounting your case against drug maker Takeda, you are likely anxiously awaiting the outcome of your lawsuit. While lawyers and litigants are slowly preparing discovery documents and arguing motions, plaintiffs like you are fretting over mounting medical bills and increasing debt payments – all while facing ill health and the inability to work.

A settlement loan is a lump sum of money advanced to you as you wait for your case to conclude, and you can use the money to pay your household bills, settle medical debts, and keep your family financial afloat during this most difficult time in your life.

Eligibility for an Actos settlement loan

At LawStreet Capital, we are able to extend Actos settlement loans to those plaintiffs with strong cases and a significant likelihood of success. As such, we will review the facts and merits of your case, as well as speak with your attorney about the status of your litigation. If you are deemed a good candidate for a loan, you can expect the money in your account within 24 hours. We are a direct lender and we extend credit from our own resources – never relying on a third-party lender for assistance. We can extend funds to you by mailing a check overnight or wiring the funds directly into your bank account.

Contact LawStreet Capital today

LawStreet Capital is honored to work with those impacted by the diabetes drug Actos, and we will work to help alleviate some of the financial stress associated with the litigation process. For assistance with your Actos lawsuit loan, please contact us today by calling 1-866-FUND-662.


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