Tylenol Lawsuit Loans Assist Plaintiffs in MDL

Whitney Taylor | December 27th, 2013

Tylenol lawsuit loansPlaintiffs with Tylenol lawsuits currently pending in multidistrict litigation in Pennsylvania have moved forward another small step. A status conference was held on December 17 to discuss some of the specifics of the nearly 100 cases currently pending in U.S. District Court.

Those with pending cases may find that Tylenol lawsuit loans help to ease the financial pinch while they wait out this lengthy process of status conferences and discovery proceedings.

Tylenol MDL status conference

Parties involved in the recent status conference were expected to argue whether a protective order should be issued regarding disclosure of information about recalls and investigations involving the over-the-counter drug. Johnson and Johnson previously filed a Motion for Protective Order, asserting some of this information could prejudice a jury.

In addition, Johnson and Johnson planned to discuss challenges facing the coordination of both multidistrict litigation in Pennsylvania and state coordination of additional cases in New Jersey. The judge overseeing the MDL, Judge Lawrence Stengel, also wanted to receive status updates on depositions scheduled into the early part of 2014.

This status conference is just the latest development in the federal MDL that was established on April 1, 2013. As more plaintiffs filed lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson, federal cases were coordinated for the purpose of streamlining early trial proceedings and preventing duplicate discovery and conflicting rulings from different courts. All of the plaintiffs included in the MDL allege Johnson and Johnson failed to properly warn Tylenol users of the risk of liver damage associated with their pain reliever.

History of Tylenol lawsuit funding

Tylenol is one of the most popular pain medications sold over the counter today. However, reports of serious side effects from the drug, including liver damage, have prompted calls for a stricter warning label. In August, 2013, Johnson and Johnson announced a new label on the way for Tylenol products that would warn users of the dangers linked to taking too much of the drug.

While this news may be helpful to those with lawsuits currently pending, it does little to speed up the legal process. Plaintiffs who have suffered significant injury from Tylenol products may be facing ongoing medical expenses and lost wages that make it difficult to make ends meet financially. With no end yet in sight in multidistrict litigation, and talks of a possible settlement still in the future, some plaintiffs are turning to Tylenol lawsuit loans to cover the bills until the cases are finally settled or make it to a jury.

Tylenol lawsuit loans offer financial freedom

Lawsuit loans from reputable companies like Lawstreet Capital can help plaintiffs stay afloat financially until cases are settled or receive a jury verdict. These non-recourse loans are similar to cash advances against the settlement or jury award a plaintiff expects to receive. No money is due until the case is decided or settled. If the plaintiff does not receive money from the case, the lawsuit loan does not have to be paid back at all.

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