DePuy Hip Settlement Loans Help Plaintiffs Pay Bills Now

Whitney Taylor | November 21st, 2013

DePuy Hip Settlement Loans - J&J Set to Pay $4 Billion in DamagesA large DePuy hip settlement totaling more than $4 billion could be coming from Johnson & Johnson in the near future. A recent report at Bloomberg indicated the medical device giant has tentatively planned the payout to settle thousands of lawsuits filed by plaintiffs who allege they suffered serious complications with their DePuy hip implant devices.

While this settlement would eventually put to rest more than 7,500 pending lawsuits, some plaintiffs may want to take advantage of DePuy hip settlement loans to pay off debts that have accrued during the lengthy litigation process.

Plaintiffs may receive thousands

According to the Bloomberg report, Johnson & Johnson may pay out more than $300,000 to each of those identified plaintiffs who have filed complaints against the company. All of the plaintiffs to receive settlements had to undergo revision surgery to remove defective DePuy hip implant devices so that they could be replaced with other components. The settlement is uncapped; meaning patients injured by DePuy hip devices in the future could also pursue compensation from the company for their injuries.

The settlement would not apply to those who did not require revision surgery as a result of their hip implant complications. However, those individuals may have also suffered serious injury that resulted in ongoing medical expenses, as well as the cost of lost wages during the time they were unable to work. These plaintiffs may still have to wait for their day in court to see if any type of compensation for their injuries will be forthcoming.

DePuy hip problems

When the DePuy metal-on-metal hip implant was first introduced in 2005, it was highly touted by Johnson & Johnson as a good alternative to younger implant patients seeking more durable devices and greater range of motion. However, complications with the devices, including joint loosening, dislocation and metal contamination, have led to persistent pain and debility for many of these patients. Unable to work in many cases, these injured patients find the medical bills continue to add up, despite their loss of income.

Those who may be in line for a settlement from DePuy may eventually receive financial relief. However, settlements can take some time to distribute, leaving plaintiffs unsure of how to pay the bills until the settlement check comes. DePuy hip settlement loans can help those suffering economically to keep up with expenses until the money finally arrives.

Others may not qualify for a settlement, or may reject the large-scale settlement agreement in hopes of pursuing better compensation terms. These individuals may also benefit from DePuy ASR hip legal funding while they wait for their day in court.

This funding is advanced based on the merits of the lawsuit and not on the plaintiff’s ability to pay. The funding is less like a loan and more like a cash advance against the settlement or jury award the plaintiff is expected to receive.

Help with DePuy hip settlement loans

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