How Long Does It Take to Get a Settlement in a Medical Malpractice Case?

Staff Writer | July 12th, 2018

Medical malpractice is estimated to cause 25,000 to 120,000 deaths each year. More than $3 billion was spent in compensation for medical malpractice as of 2012. It may take a long time to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit, and plaintiffs who are struggling financially because of exorbitant medical bills and lost wages from missed work may be tempted to settle… Read more »

How a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loan Helps Victims

Whitney Taylor | December 4th, 2014

No one ever expects to be the victim of medical malpractice when they walk into a physician’s office, clinic or hospital for treatment. Most individuals depend on the practitioners in those facilities to provide high quality care and treatment for their specific medical needs. Unfortunately, malpractice does sometimes occur, necessitating legal proceedings. For some plaintiffs, the only means for staying… Read more »