Lawsuit Loans for Hip and Knee Replacement Injuries

Whitney Taylor | January 18th, 2017

Hip and knee replacement surgery are common procedures that are performed to restore motion and flexibility to worn and injured joints. Unfortunately, these procedures do not always go as planned, often due to defects in the devices used for the replacement procedures. While legal action can help you pursue compensation for your injuries over time, it can be difficult to… Read more »

Biomet Agrees to $56 Million Settlement after Protracted Litigation

Katarina Siegfeld | February 14th, 2014

In a settlement approved on February 3, 2014, Biomet Inc. agreed to pay a base award of $200,000 to each plaintiff who received one of its defective metal hip replacements. The total settlement is expected to amount to at least $56 million. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the medical device manufacturer. They were consolidated in the U.S. District… Read more »