Advantages of a Lipitor Lawsuit Loan

Staff Writer | January 16th, 2014

Lipitor Lawsuit Loan  The precise financial toll taken on anyone pursuing compensation through the courts is hard to predict. As new evidence comes in, start dates for legal proceedings are set back, and consumers awaiting a payout have to dip into their own money to fund their lawsuit. Lawsuit loans and pre settlement funding can play a positive role for plaintiffs who find themselves in such a situation.

The current rash of lawsuits faced by drug manufacturer Pfizer offer a good example of mounting evidence slowing the legal process down for plaintiffs. The dispute concerns the company’s Lipitor, a treatment for high cholesterol. Complaints say Pfizer withheld vital information about the risk of diabetes associated with Lipitor, failing to update their warning label until the FDA demanded mandatory updates from all statin-based drug manufacturers. Even then, say plaintiffs, Pfizer’s warning played down the true risks.

The number of potential lawsuits could be in the tens of thousands. Since 1996, Lipitor has generated more than $125 billion in sales for Pfizer, and become one of the most widely used brands in U.S. medicine.

Right now, about 100 lawsuits alleging Lipitor-related diabetes have been filed. There are strong indications of more to come, and a panel of judges is being assembled to hear the case for and against establishing consolidated pretrial proceedings for all Lipitor litigation. A group of plaintiffs have requested that complaints lodged with U.S. District Courts be centralized before a single judge, partly to avoid duplication of evidence and conflicting rulings from different judges, and partly to serve the convenience of the parties, witnesses and courts.

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has already rejected one request for consolidation, but agreed to hear oral arguments in a renewed motion. The hearing is scheduled for January 30. Pfizer has expressed its opposition to the motion, and the next stage of legal proceedings may take years to come to fruition.

Delays like this are prompting plaintiffs to apply for a Lipitor lawsuit loan in order to cover costs like medical bills, lost wages and legal expenses.

Statute of limitations on Lipitor lawsuits

Pfizer is expected to argue that the statute of limitations on some of the Lipitor claims started running from February 2012, when diabetes warnings were added to the label for the first time. Prior to that, the potential impact of Lipitor on blood sugar levels was not mentioned on the labeling.

This situation may result in a scramble to file lawsuits in states where the deadline for lodging a complaint is two years after the date of discovery. With that date approaching next month, there could be thousands of new complaints emerging against Pfizer.

Lipitor diabetes settlement funding helps bridge the gap

Plaintiffs may have to wait months, even years, before their Lipitor case is resolved. A Liptor lawsuit loan can help them cover medical bills and other expenses as they await their day in court. While labeled a “loan”- this type of funding is actually a cash advance on the projected jury verdict or settlement recovered in the case.

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