Benefits of Legal Loans for Essure Lawsuit Plaintiffs

Staff Writer | August 22nd, 2018

Have you suffered injuries or side effects as a result of using Essure? The birth control device produced by Bayer was highly touted as the only non-surgical and permanent form of birth control. However, several users have come forward demanding the device be pulled from the shelves after reporting chronic pain associated with its use. Last month, Bayer announced it was removing the product from the U.S. market.

Users injured as a result of Essure are now filing lawsuits seeking compensatory damages. As with any legal proceeding, a civil case can drag on for months if not years. This can cause undue financial hardships for plaintiffs. This is where legal loans may provide a financial reprieve for thousands of women filing lawsuits against Bayer.

What Are Legal Loans?

The use of Essure has resulted in hospitalization, physical therapy, time away from work, and lost quality of life for some users. Plaintiffs may need financial assistance covering the accumulated costs of medical treatment and lost salary due to hospital stays and/or court appearances. As mentioned, a settlement can take months and even years. The possibility of appeals can add to the timeframe. There is also the possibility that the court may rule in favor of the defendant, in which case plaintiffs receive zero compensation.

In the interim, plaintiffs may require financial assistance; this is where legal loans come in.

How Do Legal Loans Work?

Legal loans don’t work like a house or car loan. They work more like a cash advance. Technically, legal loans are a form of nonrecourse loan. If the plaintiffs are successful in their case or a settlement is reached, they pay back the loan with interest. If they lose the case, they owe nothing.

There are no restrictions to what a legal loan can be used for. You can use the funds for paying bills, buying groceries, or paying legal fees. It’s entirely up to you.

Legal Loan Benefits

It’s not unusual for plaintiffs to quickly agree to a settlement in order to get the case done with. There are, after all, court and attorney fees. With a loan to tide you over, however, you may have the financial stability to prolong the case and reach a fairer settlement. While a lengthy litigation is never desirable, sometimes it’s necessary for your attorney to negotiate a fair deal.

Approval usually takes no more than 24 hours, and no credit check is required. Unlike a personal loan, you do not have to begin paying back a legal loan until the case is settled. Remember, you do not owe anything if there is no settlement or the case is ruled in favor of the defendant.

Consider all Options

The Essure cases are ongoing. If you’re a plaintiff in the case, do you have the financial means to support yourself and your family? It’s not always easy to predict when lawsuits like these will finally resolve. Regardless of outcome, legal loans ensure financial stability for the entire duration of the case. Call Law Street Capital Solutions today to learn more!