Risperdal Lawsuit Loans Help Families Seek Justice

Sarah Klein | September 1st, 2016

Courthose AttorneyIn terms of finding effective diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of injuries and ailments, most everyone must place a substantial amount of trust in the expertise, training and skill of those within the medical profession. The same can be said in relation to the medicines and other pharmaceutical preparations physicians prescribe and the manufacturing giants that produce them.

While in a broad sense this reliance is well-placed, and most interactions with healthcare providers and drug makers are positive, there are times when patients and the public are betrayed by incidents of negligence. This is especially true when a drug touted as being safe and effective for its intended purpose ultimately proves to have dangerous side effects.

The past few years have witnessed a significant wave of litigation relating to the antipsychotic medication Risperdal (risperidone), and its propensity to spark male breast development in young men, a condition known as gynecomastia. As more information has come to light about the risks of Risperdal to young patients, additional plaintiffs have stepped forward to pursue fair compensation for the lasting harm, embarrassment and emotional damage they have suffered as a result of using the medication.

However, dangerous drug litigation can be an extremely protracted process during which time financial obligations continue to mount while plaintiffs wait to learn the outcome of their claims. Medical bills, therapy costs and other losses can become true burdens which many families are hard pressed to meet. All too often, this causes victims to accept far less in settlement negotiations than they otherwise would have. These are the times when a pre settlement loan can bridge the financial gap and facilitate the vigorous advocacy victims deserve.

Important facts about lawsuit loans

A Risperdal lawsuit loan from LawStreet Capital assists families in the midst of litigation, providing them critical financial resources needed to meet daily expenses and ancillary obligations that may arise while their case is pending. Because cash advances of this type are based only on your anticipated damage award or settlement amount, they are non-recourse arrangements. Thus, there will never be a payment due on the advanced amount unless and until you succeed in your case. If for some reason, you do not prevail, and no award or settlement is received, the amounts already received pursuant to the advance from LawStreet Capital do not need to be repaid.

Securing a legal loan is a convenient process that starts with a free application. Once that is completed, we will get in touch with your attorney to discuss the specific facts of your legal case. It is our mission to make funding determinations swiftly, often within 24 hours of submission. We are able to offer conventional checks or electronic transfers, making receipt of your money hassle free.

Risperdal verdicts give hope to plaintiffs nationwide

Individuals who have been considering a Risperdal gynecomasia lawsuit can find real encouragement in a blockbuster recent jury verdict against drug maker Johnson & Johnson (J & J) and its Janssen unit. A teenager from Tennessee was awarded $70 million after claiming that J & J failed to meet its obligation to warn the public as well as physicians of known risks of unwanted male breast growth in patients taking the antispsychotic medication. The jury award in this case was 30 times larger than one rendered in 2015 in favor of another gynecomastia victim who was among those given the drug as a treatment for conditions including autism, bipolar disorder, depression, sleep and anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more.

Over 1,500 additional plaintiffs currently have Risperdal cases pending and the recent $70 million verdict represents the fifth time J & J has suffered a resounding defeat.

The drug giant has reportedly reached settlement agreements with certain Risperdal complainants, advocates and injury attorneys are strongly urging J & J to enter into negotiations aimed at producing a global settlement plan for those affected by Risperdal.

Risperdal lawsuit funding

Lawyers nationwide continue to review potential lawsuits on behalf of those who have suffered the negative effects of Risperdal, particularly those afflicted with gynecomastia. However, for many families, it is financially impossible to put life on hold during the complex, ongoing process of filing suit without somehow obtaining additional resources. This is where LawStreet Capital can step in and provide a lawsuit advance that facilitates the pursuit of justice and keeps families afloat while they wait for the compensation they need and deserve.

If you wish to seek justice against the maker of Risperdal, but are worried about meeting obligations including medical bills, car notes, mortgage loans and other costs of everyday life, LawStreet Capital can help. Remember that if you do not win your lawsuit, the cash advance is yours to keep. Do not let financial worries prevent you from demanding accountability from negligent drug manufacturers.

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