Da Vinci Robot Surgery Lawsuit Loans Can Help Plaintiffs Seek Justice

Shay Morrigan | July 29th, 2013

Da Vinci Robot Surgery Lawsuit LoansAccording to a recent report in the Washington Post, da Vinci robot manufacturer Intuitive Surgical’s shares dropped by 16 percent on July 9, 2013—the largest single-date drop since 2008. The fall occurred after the company reported preliminary results showing sales slowing for its surgical robots, which have been linked to injuries like lacerations, surgical burns, torn blood vessels, and severe bowel injuries.

The FDA approved the da Vinci robot surgical system for use in some select surgeries in 2000, but since then, many patients have suffered serious injuries related with its use. A March 2013 Bloomberg article indicated robosurgery was connected to at least 70 deaths since 2009.

Some patients who suffered injuries have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer to recover damages. Others may have a strong case, but hesitate to file because of lengthy litigation processes. Da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit loans can help families manage their finances while waiting on a settlement or positive jury verdict.

Intuitive Surgical shares drop following reports of daVinci problems

In the second quarter of 2013, sales of the daVinci generated about $215 million, compared with $229 million last year. The manufacturer stated that the reduction in sales was due to the reduced demand from hospitals pressured to lower costs. Reports of injuries with robotic surgery may also have something to do with it, as hospitals are starting to take a more cautious approach to robotic surgery. The da Vinci is currently used in more than 1,300 hospitals across the country.

The robot was initially designed to make select surgeries more precise and safer for patients.

The da Vinci robot surgical system is currently used for:

  • Hysterectomies
  • Prostatectomies
  • Gastric bypasses
  • Gallbladder removals
  • Thyroid cancer surgeries
  • Bladder surgeries

The manufacturer states that patients experience significantly less pain and blood loss, less scarring, a lower rate of complications, and shorter hospital stays.

Patients have reported injuries after robotic surgery, however, including surgical burns, lacerated or perforated organs, tears and/or burns of the intestines, cut ureters, and more. Women undergoing robotic hysterectomies have sometimes experienced “vaginal cuff dehiscence,” in which the vaginal incision separates and increases the risk of abdominal or pelvic contents being expelled through the opening.

Considering da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit loans

Patients who have suffered da Vinci injuries may be hesitant to file a lawsuit. The litigation process can take months to years, and meanwhile, patients have to manage increasing financial burdens that often include additional medical care and prescriptions.

Injured patients deserve to be compensated, however, and filing a lawsuit is often the only way to recover damages. This is where da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit loans can help. More like cash advances, these loans help patients to manage financial burdens while waiting for the resolution of their lawsuits.

Also called a “pre settlement cash advance,” a da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit loan is given to a plaintiff who has a strong case against the manufacturer. Loan companies like LawStreet Capital examine the facts of the case, and determine the likelihood of a successful verdict or settlement. If the company feels the plaintiff is likely to succeed, they will advance the money to the plaintiff that he or she would normally obtain from a successful case.

There is no credit check, and no payments required.

How a pre settlement cash advance can help

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury after surgery with the da Vinci robot, but you’re unsure whether you can afford a lawsuit, contact LawStreet capital about a pre settlement cash advance. We can review the facts of your case and let you know if you qualify for one of the da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit loans. If so, we will advance the money to you that we expect you will win from your case. The application is hassle free, but the loan can provide you with much needed financial resources to care for yourself and your family while you navigate litigation. Call today: 866-FUND-662!