Suing over Medical Malpractice? Consider a Lawsuit Loan

Jacky Gale | May 16th, 2016

Lawsuit Loans

Nearly half of a million Americans lose their lives each year because of preventable medical errors. Those who do survive are often saddled with exorbitant medical bills and long-lasting or even permanent disabilities.

Survivors of medical malpractice could have the option of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor or hospital, but unfortunately, this is rarely the “magic bullet” solution it is often portrayed to be in TV and movies. Litigation can drag on for months or years and in the meantime, it can be difficult for victims to make ends meet.

Lawsuit loans may not be appropriate in all cases, but for some plaintiffs, they’re the perfect solution to keep the bills paid while awaiting just compensation.

Lawsuit loans carry zero risk

When the car breaks down, taxes are due, or a child needs braces, a standard loan from a bank or credit union is often the first solution a person might think of. But conventional loans have certain disadvantages. Approval is dependent upon one’s credit score, credit usage, and ability to repay the loan. And if the individual is out of work or perhaps even permanently disabled due to a surgical mistake, repaying the loan is obviously problematic if not impossible. Furthermore, conventional loans often carry prohibitively high interest rates.

Lawsuit loans are different. For starters, they aren’t actually a loan. Rather, they are cash advances against the promise of a future lawsuit settlement or favorable jury award. Some people might shy away from applying for lawsuit funding because they’re concerned about their ability to repay the cash advance if they do not win the lawsuit. But in fact, lawsuit “loans” never need to be repaid if the lawsuit results in an unfavorable outcome for the plaintiff. Settlement advance loans are non-recourse and there’s never any risk to the plaintiff. If the lawsuit is lost, the advance never has to be repaid!

Avoid a premature settlement

Another primary benefit of lawsuit loans is that they can help plaintiffs keep food on the table for the duration of the litigation. Some plaintiffs might feel pressured into a premature settlement for less than what they truly deserve, simply because they need money in their pockets now. With lawsuit funding, you can pay your bills on time and support your family while awaiting a reasonable settlement offer or a jury award. Lawsuit loans can be used to pay any kind of expense – car insurance and payments, groceries, rent, or legal fees. There are no restrictions.

Where to apply for lawsuit funding

If you have a medical malpractice lawsuit pending and you could use some extra cash in your pocket to keep your family afloat, then it’s time to give LawStreet Capital a call. Our friendly representatives are standing by to answer your questions. Remember that there is never any risk to you; if you lose your lawsuit, you won’t owe us a cent.

LawStreet Capital does not check applicants’ credit history and we never charge hidden fees. As a longtime provider of pre settlement loans, LawStreet Capital has earned its stellar reputation for having some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Call 1-866-FUND-662 to apply, or fill out the simple, no-obligation form on our website.