Slip & Fall Settlement Funding Can Lessen the Financial Burden Post-Accident

Stephanie Reid | July 10th, 2015

Lawyer with ClientsSlip and fall accidents often seem benign at first, maybe resulting in a sore back or stiff neck for a few days. However, the true effects of a slip and fall often remain untold for days or weeks to come – until it becomes apparent that serious musculoskeletal damage has occurred, possibly requiring invasive surgery or intensive rehabilitation.

If the slip and fall occurred at a restaurant, retail chain, or grocery store – why should the victim have to endure both the physical and financial costs of the injury? In most cases, he or she shouldn’t – and a personal injury lawsuit based on premises liability is usually the best bet to help allocate liability where it is due.

But for the injury plaintiff who is too injured to work while facing mounting medical bills, the prospect of waiting months or years for a final verdict or settlement can be too overwhelming to even consider. Fortunately, a slip and fall lawsuit loan is an ideal solution for plaintiffs in this predicament, as lawsuit funding offers much-needed security during a season of great need.

Benefits of slip & fall settlement funding

At Lawstreet Capital, we believe in a client-centric approach to settlement lending, and review each application through a subjective lens. In other words, our lending decisions are based on thoughtful review, not algorithms or formulas.

Part of this review of each claim involves a discussion with the applicant’s slip and fall attorney, which will help us gauge the likelihood the claim will be successful. However, our policies dictate that only successful lending clients are required to repay the balance of their slip and fall settlement loan – and plaintiffs that do not reach settlement or receive a negative jury verdict will not be required to repay the balance of their loan – no questions asked.

Lastly, a slip and fall settlement loan can help ensure a plaintiff’s personal financial situation does not become unnecessarily strained during the interim between the accident and the final resolution. Too often, injury plaintiffs are left unable to work, or are required to reduce their hours to compensate for the pain and limitations imposed by the injury. In these cases, injury victims may quickly become overburdened by not only the reduction in monthly income, but the sudden influx of medical bills, co-pays, and prescription drug costs.

With a slip and fall lawsuit alone, a lot of this burden can be alleviated – and plaintiffs can focus on their physical recovery without the constant worry over how to pay the next bill.

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At Lawstreet Capital, settlement loan funding is all we do – and we are a direct lender offering our own capital directly to applicants. Once you fill out an application, we will contact your legal representative and review the facts of you case right away. Once a decision is made, you can expect to receive your settlement loan within 24 hours – either by wire, ACH transfer, or paper check.

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