Can I Get Money Before My Settlement?

Staff Writer | April 12th, 2019

Most lawsuits to recover damages for personal injuries will not settle or go to trial until one to three years after they are filed. Lawstreet Capital Solutions offers an alternative that can get you money well before your case settles.

We are an industry-leading lending organization that provides advances against lawsuit settlements. In most cases, you will have your funds within 24 hours after your advance is approved. You can use the funds however you see fit, including to pay the medical expenses you incur after an accident.

Our Lawsuit Loans are Non-Recourse

Your lawsuit loan will be repaid when your lawyer settles your case or a jury awards damages after a trial. The loans provided by Lawstreet Capital Solutions are non-recourse, which means that if the case does not settle and no damages are awarded, you have no further liability to repay the loan. Non-recourse loans are different from traditional loans, where you do remain liable for full repayment of the loan regardless of the value of the collateral.

The Loan Amount is Based on the Claims in Your Lawsuit

Lawstreet Capital Solutions will contact your lawyer to verify the details of your case. Once we determine that the negligent party that you are suing is liable for damages, we will review your medical costs and expenses and other losses that you experienced in your accident and we will base an advance on those costs and expenses.

Lawstreet Capital Solutions Offers the Best Terms in the Industry

We offer lawsuit loans at the lowest interest rates and with the best terms available in the lawsuit lending industry. Our loans have no hidden costs and no convoluted terms and conditions. Our loan services are direct, straightforward, and transparent.

A Lawsuit Loan Will Get You Money Now

Your bills and personal expenses will not stop when you are injured in an accident, but your injuries can prevent you from working and earning a salary to pay those bills. This financial pressure can cause an injured party to settle a lawsuit for far less than what it is worth. You can avoid this pressure and get the funds you need to pay your regular bills and expenses with a lawsuit loan from Lawstreet Capital Solutions.

Our Loan Process Does Not Require a Credit Check

A lawsuit loan from Lawstreet Capital Solutions in based entirely on the value of your lawsuit. We do not perform a personal credit check when you apply for a loan with us. Further, if you have outstanding debt that is harming your credit rating, you can use the proceeds of the loan to pay down that debt and to improve your credit profile.

Contact Lawstreet Capital Solutions Today

Please call our toll-free number to speak with a friendly lawsuit loan consultant at Lawstreet Capital Solutions. We approve most loans in 24 hours or less. If you do not win your case, you will owe us nothing. You will get your cash almost immediately after we approve your loan with no risk to you. Call today to get your cash advance!