How Morcellator Cancer Lawsuit Loans Can Help

Ava Lawson | November 21st, 2014

female patient with doctor 2The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has publicly discouraged the use of power morcellators in routine gynecological procedures, cautioning that the risks for spreading undetected uterine sarcoma is too great.

Electric morcellators are small instruments used to break up dense tissue in hysterectomy or fibroid removal surgeries. Their tiny sharp blades can quickly pare down benign tumors, but in the process, can also spread cancerous cells into the surrounding tissue. The result: otherwise healthy women exposed to an aggressive and highly deadly uterine cancer after a simple procedure meant to improve their lives.

It’s estimated that some 50,000 women opt for morcellator-assisted uterine fibroid surgery every year. Some of these patients have undiagnosed sarcomas or leiomyosarcoma (LMS) at the time of their surgery, which is inadvertently spread throughout the abdominal cavity, greatly reducing their chance of long-term survival.

Less than a dozen morcellation hysterectomy lawsuits have been filed thus far, but many believe this litigation will explode in the coming months as more is understood about power morcellation and uterine cancer risks.

For those women who have been recently diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma or uterine cancer following a hysterectomy or myomectomy with power morcellation, litigation may be the farthest thing from your mind. Lawsuits can be costly and time-consuming, especially when under financial pressures caused by ill health.

If you’re in need of cash to fund your pending or future litigation, LawStreet Capital is proud to offer morcellator lawsuit loans with no credit checks, no collateral, and no payments until you win or settle your claim.

FDA discourages power morcellators

Facing a uterine cancer diagnosis is emotionally daunting in its own right, but may be exacerbated by the fact that power morcellator manufacturers potentially knew of these risks, but concealed them from the public. The medical devices are manufactured by dozens of companies, including pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon subsidiary.

Following the FDA public safety announcement on morcellation cancer risks in April of this year, Ethicon announced they would be voluntarily recalling their power morcellators in the U.S on the basis that more research on cancer threats was needed. The J&J unit controlled more than 70% of the morcellator market, but other manufacturers have yet to follow suit.

Women who are demanding compensation in a morcellator cancer lawsuit contend that they were not sufficiently warned about risks before undergoing the procedure. Considering that FDA researchers estimate that one out of every 352 women who underwent uterine fibroid removal or hysterectomy had an undiagnosed form of uterine sarcoma, the risks of power morcellator-assisted procedures is very real.

Advantages of morcellator lawsuit loans

If you find yourself unable to make ends meet while pursuing legal recourse for your personal injuries, morcellation cancer settlement funding may be a viable solution.

Our lawsuit cash advances are not loans so to speak, but rather an advance in exchange for a portion of your future legal settlement or jury verdict. If you have already filed a product liability complaint and have retained an attorney, then you likely already qualify for a morcellator lawsuit loan from LawStreet Capital. 

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