Mirena Class Action Lawsuit Proposal Filed in Canada

Staff Writer | May 23rd, 2013

Mirena IUD Lawsuit LoansOn April 23, 2013, a woman in Halifax, Nova Scotia filed a suit on behalf of herself and other Canadian women who have been injured by Bayer Corporation’s Mirena IUD.  The suit claims that the Mirena IUD is more likely to cause uterine perforation than other forms of birth control, and that Bayer is consistently understating its risks.  The plaintiff says she suffered pain and injuries, unexpected pregnancy, and a perforated uterus, and had to undergo surgery in order to get the IUD removed before it could cause further damage.

The lawsuit requests to be certified as a class action so that the plaintiff and the other members of the proposed class can receive compensation for their injuries, and also requests that Bayer set up a monitoring fund to provide the extra medical care required by women who have the Mirena IUD in order to prevent and treat serious injury or fatality from the device.

According to a lawyer working on the case, the class certification hearing – which is a requisite precursor to a trial – may take a year or more to occur.  During that time, the plaintiff and other members of the class will have to have their injuries and complications treated at their own expense, often with expensive and painful surgeries, and may suffer from disability and lost income as a result of their injuries or disabilities.  Women struggling with medical or other costs while they wait for their lawsuits to begin may benefit from Mirena IUD lawsuit loans.

Mirena lawsuits in the United States

A number of Mirena lawsuits have already been consolidated in the U.S. in a procedure called multidistrict litigation, which was designed to speed up the pre-trial process, eliminate redundant discovery, and encourage settlements in cases where many lawsuits are filed based on similar claims.  While only seven suits were part of this litigation when it was first ordered on April 8th, 2013, by May 15th the number had grown to 46.  The cases are under the management of Judge Cathy Siebel in the U.S. District Court in the district of Southern New York.

Like the Canadian case, Mirena lawsuits in the States are alleging injuries sustained from a product defect that results in uterine perforation, a painful and potentially life-threatening injury that often requires surgical intervention.  And like the Canadian complaint, it may be years before the cases currently pending in New York go to trial or reach settlement.  Legal funding options, including Mirena IUD lawsuit loans, are available to plaintiffs facing lengthy litigation.

Mirena IUD lawsuit loans are available now

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