Injured Plaintiffs Benefit from Lipitor Diabetes Lawsuit Loans

Ava Lawson | October 10th, 2014

female patient with doctor 2The blockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor (atorvastatin) is used by millions of Americans, and is one of Pfizer’s best-selling pharmaceuticals. Though Pfizer promotes the medication as safe and effective, research has provided a definitive link between Lipitor and Type 2 diabetes – especially among older female patients.

After reviewing statin risks in 2012, the FDA ordered Pfizer to revise Lipitor’s product label so that it included accurate language on the increased risk of developing diabetes while taking the medication. Since then, an influx of Lipitor claims involving diabetes has flooded courtrooms, with plaintiffs alleging Pfizer failed to sufficiently warn about drug risks.

Now, nearly 1,300 product liability complaints are consolidated as part of Lipitor multidistrict litigation in South Carolina, where U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel is presiding over pretrial and discovery matters. According to a recent MDL status conference, the first bellwether trial is slated to go before a jury in in October 2015 – almost one year from now.

For many injured plaintiffs suffering the financial impacts of protracted litigation, a Lipitor diabetes lawsuit loan can help ease the strain while they await a court award or settlement.

Lipitor bellwether trials set for October 2015

Bellwether cases are the initial lawsuits selected to go forward before juries, and are chosen because the facts and allegations are representative of others pending in the multidistrict litigation. Counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants identify the initial pool of cases from which the bellwethers are chosen. Now that Judge Gergel expects the first trial to commence in 2015, Lipitor plaintiffs realize the nature of such coordinated litigation, which can take many months and years to fully resolve.

Even if Pfizer decides to pursue settlement talks compensation is still a long way off, leaving injured claimants – many of whom are unable to work – treading water. Burdened by medical expenses, loss of earnings and litigation fees, some may be on the verge of bankruptcy or losing their homes.

That is where a Lipitor diabetes lawsuit loan can help. LawStreet Capital provides legal funding for personal injury plaintiffs in this exact type of situation. The lawsuit cash advance is based upon the predicted settlement or jury verdict recovered, and is 100 percent risk free since we assume the debt if the case is lost. In other words, you only repay the lawsuit loan if you win the case, or agree to a Lipitor settlement with Pfizer.

Lipitor settlement cash advance

Pfizer is a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical giant with deep pockets, and is used to extended product liability litigation. Even if the first bellwether trial ends with a verdict against the defense, Pfizer may appeal, further delaying any compensation. Those who need an immediate cash advance on their future settlement monies or court award are encouraged to contact LawStreet Capital today to learn more about our lawsuit loan solutions.

Our lawsuit loans are advanced on the merits and strength of your case, and can range from $500 to $250,000 or more.  The application is free and simple, and once your Lipitor diabetes lawsuit advance is approved, the money is yours to use as you see fit. Whether it’s paying down credit card and hospital bills or simply making ends meet, remember that a settlement cash advance is non-recourse, meaning it’s yours to keep if Pfizer wins the case.

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