Talc Powder Lawsuit Loans for Ovarian Cancer Victims

Laura Woods | July 6th, 2014

talc cancer settlement loanWomen using popular products such as Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower may have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The products, commonly used on babies’ bottoms and for feminine hygiene, contain a talc powder that is a known carcinogen, according to a lawsuit recently filed by a woman in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

According to the complaint, the first evidence of the link between cancer and talc was identified in a 1971 study. Another study in 1982 revealed a 92% increase in ovarian cancer in women who reported genital talc use.

Not only did the author of the study meet with Johnson & Johnson, advising them to include a warning label on the products, others have also offered similar warnings, according to the complaint.

The American Cancer Society notes that the link between talcum powder and cancer has been concentrated on two main areas ─ the risk of lung cancer to those with long-term exposure at work and the threat of ovarian cancer to women who apply to powder to their genital areas.

Study links talc to ovarian cancer

A 2013 study revealed that women using talc on their genital area have an increased risk of 20% to 30% of developing ovarian cancer. Researchers combined the results of eight research papers involving nearly 2,000 women to reach this conclusion.

This recent study supports other results pointing to the dangers of talc. A 2003 review of 16 studies found a 30% increase in ovarian cancer among talc users. However, studies have revealed that only certain types of ovarian cancer are increased by usage of the power.

While certain types of talc have asbestos, this type is not used in modern consumer products. Talc that does contain asbestos is typically accepted as having the ability to cause cancer if inhaled. However, evidence surrounding asbestos-free talc ─ which is used in many feminine hygiene products ─ is currently inconclusive.

Talc powder lawsuit loan

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