Bellwether Cases May be Delayed in Granuflo Litigation

Ava Lawson | January 2nd, 2014

Fresenius Heart Attack Lawsuit Loan – Granuflo Legal FundingA December 16 motion filed by plaintiffs and defendants in the coordinated Granuflo MDL has requested additional time for selecting bellwether cases in the consolidated proceedings.

“In as much as generic discovery is only beginning, the parties are not yet in a position to propose a realistic schedule for case specific discovery and the selection of bellwether cases,” states the motion, which further delays potential resolution on the pending claims. Both parties asked Judge Woodlock to consider this selection process at the next status conference, which is slated for February 3, 2014.

The Naturalyte and Granuflo litigation has been consolidated in the District of Massachusetts, as multidistrict litigation, before Judge Woodlock so that both sides may share in the discovery process, thus conserving judicial resources and reducing the chances of inconsistent rulings.

Granuflo lawsuit funding available to plaintiffs

Plaintiffs involved in the litigation are suing based on cardiac injuries and wrongful death they claim they or a loved one suffered as a result of Granuflo’s dangerous formulation. Produced by Fresenius Medical Care, the product is at the heart of more than 400 personal injury and wrongful death claims, which all share similar allegations and statements of fact. However, even those who have strong cases against the defendant may have to wait years before their lawsuits are resolved – leaving many in dire financial straits.

Those who suffered injuries and great medical expense may need an immediate influx of cash, or face the prospect of bankruptcy or foreclosure on their homes as they wait for compensation through the court. Fortunately, help is available in the form of a non-recourse cash advance – a kind of lawsuit funding that is only repaid if the litigant wins or settles their case.

LawStreet Capital is proud to offer qualified applicants with a Fresenius heart attack lawsuit loan – a risk-free solution to the economic burdens that face hundreds of dialysis patients who suffered injuries after being given Granuflo.

Multidistrict litigation is established for complex cases in which hundreds, if not thousands of people, make similar claims against a common defendant. In the case of Fresenius, patients say that their products – Granuflo and Naturalyte – were defective in nature, and that Fresenius failed to adequately warn consumers about latent risks.

These allegations are bolstered by a 2011 internal memo in which Fresenius reported more than 940 heart attack cases in patients who were given their products. The FDA later mandated a Class I recall on both dialysates, but this action was cold comfort to hundreds of people who lost family members or suffered cardiopulmonary arrest themselves following Granuflo exposure.

Risk-free Fresenius heart attack lawsuit loan

Product liability litigation is costly and often drags on for years, especially when defendants have deep pockets. Those who have filed suit against Fresenius and need cash today are encouraged to consider the advantages of lawsuit loans, which aren’t really a loan at all, since the money is advanced based on the projected settlement or jury award a claimant will receive.

Perhaps the best incentive to apply for Granuflo lawsuit funding is the risk-free aspect, since plaintiffs have no obligation to repay the funds if they lose their case.

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