What is a Structured Settlement?

Andrew Orlander | August 9th, 2013

Structured Settlements - Applying for a Post Settlement Lawsuit Loan A structured settlement has a variety of advantages over a lump-sum lawsuit settlement, but many successful plaintiffs are wary of such an arrangement. What if financial and other circumstances cause them to need a flood of money, as opposed to a trickle? That’s where post-settlement lawsuit loans come into play: You get to choose whether or not to convert your structured settlement into a lump sum.

Why choose a structured settlement?

Large money settlements are most common in personal injury lawsuits, but they can also result from a divorce settlement, a lottery jackpot or an employment dispute. A sudden influx of cash tends to bring some unwanted side effects, since most people are not experienced in managing large sums of money. A structured settlement or annuity spreads the award amount over time, to reduce the risk of financial mismanagement.

In addition to avoiding the pitfalls of sudden wealth, an annuity provides the following:

  • Flexibility: Whereas a lump-sum payment may involve little more than cashing a check, annuities are very complicated. A licensed structured settlement broker works with you to put together a payment schedule that fits your needs.
  • Manageability: With a structured settlement, you do not have to do as much planning and saving. You simply wait for the periodic payments to arrive.
  • Legality: You do not “own” an annuity; you merely have the expectation of future payments. This technicality is very useful if someone tries to reach into your bank account by either legal or illegal means.

What are some payment methods?

A licensed structured settlement broker can help you set up the payment plan that best fits your life. Some common formulas include:

  • Straight periodic payments: You may choose to receive money once every month for a set period of time.
  • Variable periodic payments: It may be better to have your payments increase or decrease over time; for example, your living expenses may be low now but you may have a child going to college in a few years.
  • Delayed payments: Many people choose delayed payments for retirement planning.

Why would I need a lawsuit loan later?

The term “lawsuit loan” is a bit of a misnomer; the process is more like a cash advance. If you or a loved one has a sudden financial need, the periodic payments may not be enough to meet that need. Some financial emergencies include:

  • Foreclosure
  • Repossession
  • Sudden medical bills
  • Sudden death in the family

You may also have a sudden financial opportunity, such as:

  • A new home
  • A new business
  • A business expansion
  • An investment opportunity

In any of these opportunities arises, you may consider selling your structured settlement to a legal funding company.

How do I obtain my cash advance?

Law Street Capital makes the process of obtaining a structured settlement loan as simple as possible. Just submit a simple application, and approval will almost always be determined within 24 hours. Approval does not require a credit check or employment verification, and after you are approved, the funds can be transferred to your back account as quickly as overnight. With structured settlement loans from LawStreet Capital, you can take care of the emergency or take advantage of the opportunity. It’s all up to you! To apply for a no-risk settlement loan, call today toll-free at 866-FUND 662.