Structured Settlement Loans: Pros and Cons

Ava Lawson | January 22nd, 2013

Lawsuit Funding CompaniesIf you have successfully resolved a lawsuit and have agreed to periodic installments of your money over time, you are receiving a structured settlement. While this arrangement fulfills legal obligations to both parties, structured settlements can have their drawbacks, especially when unforeseen expenses occur, and large sums of cash are needed right away. With the assistance of LawStreet Capital, you can sell your structured settlement payments for one lump sum payout, giving you immediate access to money when you need it most. This type of funding is known as a structured settlement loan, and it’s saved many people from dire straits.

Settlement loans take those prolonged installments out of the equation, giving you cash today. This isn’t a traditional loan like you’d apply for at the bank, but rather a cash advance on your periodic payments that you’ve agreed to receive.  With a structured settlement loan, we’ll purchase part or all of your settlement and give you one large payment, in as fast as 24 hours after approval.

Before you jump right in to selling your structured settlement, have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of your current financial agreement.

Structured Settlements: pros and cons

  • Pro: they give you long-term financial stability
  • Pro: they can help provide for minor dependants
  • Pro:  some settlements enjoy tax incentives
  • Con: inflexibility – you can never increase or accelerate your periodic payments
  • Con: does not account for the decreasing value of the dollar
  • Con: if you use your settlement as collateral, you may lose tax-free benefit

Is a structured settlement loan right for me?

Structured settlements function well for many people, as they can provide security for a child’s financial future, or supply a steady flow of money for lifelong medical conditions. And many plaintiffs enjoy the tax incentives that go hand-in-hand with structured settlements. However, there are certain times when life’s unexpected surprises present the need for large sums of cash, and that’s where settlement loans are instrumental. Use the money any way you wish: make a down payment on a house, pay for college tuition, cover medical expenses, or reduce existing debt – the decision is yours.

Financial freedom can be yours

If you have questions concerning settlement loans or any other type of legal funding, please contact our friendly representatives today. Unlike other lawsuit loan companies, LawStreet Capital is a direct lender, which means we offer the industry’s most competitive rates. And once we’ve approved your structured settlement loan, we can get you the cash super fast – via electronic bank transfer or overnight mail.

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