How To Shop for Low-Interest Pre-Settlement Loans

Staff Writer | August 27th, 2019

If you are bringing a legal claim against an organization or individual that has harmed you, you should be aware that lawsuits take a very long time to wind through the judicial system. Your case might be extremely strong and have a great deal of merit, but that, unfortunately, has no bearing on how quickly a settlement will be reached. Court cases can move at a glacial pace.

In addition, even if the court decides in your favor, the verdict can be appealed by the defendants. A payout of any compensation you are granted can also take a lengthy period to complete.

Are You Having Difficulty Paying Bills?

As you wait for your case to resolve, you might be having difficulty staying afloat financially. Many injuries and illnesses caused by other parties require extensive medical treatment, including surgery, hospitalization, doctor’s office visits, physical therapy, prescription medication, and more. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed through the U.S. in recent decades. The average healthcare cost was $10,739 per person in 2017, while in 1960, it was only $146.

Your ability to work might have been negatively impacted by the injuries that form the basis of your lawsuit. If you are either unable to work at your past job, need to retrain, or are unable to work at all, you may have little or no income coming in. Paying the bills for rent or mortgage, transportation, and food may all be a struggle – even a desperate one.

Legal Loans Can Tide You Over

Fortunately, there is a solution to the financial difficulties faced by personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs: a pre-settlement loan.

These type of loans can be approved in 24 hours or less. They are not like a personal loan one gets from a bank. They are more like cash advances on your settlement. They can be used for any expense: costs of shelter, food, transportation, medical treatment (both past and current), and more.

Best of all, you do not have to pay the loans back if you don’t win your case. That’s right: if the court decides in favor of the defendant, you won’t receive a settlement – but you won’t owe a thing on the pre-settlement loan, ever.

If you do win your case, you will pay the loan back at a reasonable rate.

Pre-settlement loans are designed to help plaintiffs and their families who might be struggling financially due to their injuries or illnesses.

Shop for Low-Interest Loans

It’s a prudent idea to shop for the lowest interest rate you can find on pre-settlement loans.

Shop around online. Which company has the best interest rates? Which company has the best customer service? Which will approve your cash advance quickly and with little hassle?

At Lawstreet Capital, we offer the lowest rates in the industry. We can have your loan approved within 24 hours. Credit checks are never required. You have nothing to lose by calling one of our friendly representatives today to see if you qualify for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan.

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