Xarelto Lawsuit Advance Funding Available

Stephanie Reid | November 6th, 2014

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Awaiting the conclusion of a hard-fought dangerous drug lawsuit can be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting – especially if you are concurrently recovering from the severe side effects having prompted your lawsuit.

If you have experienced a severe bleeding episode as a result of your use of Xarelto and are in need of funds to support yourself and your family in the months leading up to a settlement or verdict, our team can help. At LawStreet Capital, we truly believe that no individual or family should have to struggle financially in the interim period between an injury and settlement – and we are proud to offer Xarelto pre settlement loans at the industry’s most competitive interest rates.

Lawsuit funding for Xarelto patients

Xarelto patients have, by and large, endured unspeakable and sudden bleeding as a result of the introduction of the potentially deadly blood thinner into their bloodstream. Unlike Xarelto’s chief competitor – warfarin – there is no antidote to thicken the blood or stop the bleeding. As a result, Xarelto victims may experience terrifying medical interventions, extreme blood loss or other collateral injuries as a result of falling or fainting. Sadly, several Xarelto patients have also died as a result of using this drug – leaving their surviving loved ones behind to pick up the pieces.

According to recent news, Xarelto lawsuits may be progressing toward consolidation under multi-district litigation (MDL). While this may be a light at the end of the tunnel for some, it can still be months – or years – before a final resolution is reached. In the meantime, you are facing mounting medical bills, missed time from work, disability, and distress.

How Xarelto lawsuit advance funding can help

If you are one of the hundreds of Xarelto patients eagerly awaiting a settlement from the drug makers Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals, our lawsuit funding can help you bridge the financial gap between injury and payment. To begin, you simply fill out our online application, which enquires into the nature of your injury, the contact information for your legal counsel, whether you have already filed your application, and other general questions about your case. From there, our evaluators will determine if you are a good match for lawsuit funding and if your case is likely to succeed on the merits. If you are determined to be an eligible funding candidate, you can expect to receive your cash advance within 24 hours, and we can even wire your funds directly into your bank account.

If you are curious as to how you will know if you are a prime candidate for funding, this determination depends on the strength of your case. If you have strong facts linking your injury to the drug Xarelto, including thorough medical documentation, you will likely receive your pre settlement loan to help you with bills and expenses pending the outcome of your case.

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We are here to help in your time of great need. If you are facing insurmountable financial hardship, do not be afraid to reach out to us for assistance. At LawStreet Capital, you only repay your Xarelto pre settlement loan if you win your case, and you never owe us anything if you do not get paid. For more information, or to get started, please call us today!