Merck Proposes Settlement of Fosamax Jaw Claims

Staff Writer | December 19th, 2013

Fosamax Settlement LoanThere was some potential good news for plaintiffs suing Merck & Co., Inc., due to complications from their osteoporosis drug, Fosamax.  The company announced December 9 it was willing to pay $27.7 million to settle lawsuits by hundreds of plaintiffs who allege they suffered jaw deterioration to their use of Fosamax.

The fate of the proposal is unknown. Plaintiffs involved might consider Fosamax settlement funding to obtain some financial security in light of the uncertain settlement situation.

Settlement proposal covers a fraction of Fosamax plaintiffs

Lawyers for both sides disclosed the proposal at a court hearing in New York.  If approved by the judge and all those involved it could resolve 1,140 lawsuits pending in federal and state courts.

Even if accepted by all parties, the proposed settlement does not cover the 4,115 lawsuits, out of a total of 5,255, the company faces by plaintiffs claiming they have femur fractures or other bone injuries due to taking Fosamax.

There are still many uncertainties as the proposed settlement is not a “done deal”

  • Plaintiffs’ law firms have until January 13 to signify their intent to participate in the settlement process and have until March 31 to opt-out of the settlement,
  • Merck has until May 15 to decide whether or not it will go forward with the proposal, and
  • Merck states it requires a 100 percent participation rate among plaintiffs and claimants would need to satisfy eligibility requirements in order to collect.

Fosamax settlement loan offers financial certainty

In light of these uncertainties, plaintiffs in these particular cases have important decisions to make.  Deeply affecting those decisions is their current financial situation.  If they are having a hard time making ends meet, the prospect of receiving some compensation, though lower than they hoped, may be a powerful draw.

These plaintiffs could consider Fosamax settlement funding from Law Street.  They help plaintiffs fill the financial gap between their pending lawsuits and a successful settlement. They are a type of cash advance that allows plaintiffs to borrow cash against a future settlement. There is no risk and the money only needs to be repaid if the case settles or the plaintiff wins the case.

With this kind of cash advance, it could give a plaintiff more time to make a decision.  It could also provide a financial cushion in case a plaintiff decides not to agree to the offer.

Most of those suing Merck over Fosamax aren’t involved in the proposed settlement. Trials in these cases may be years away. When a fair settlement may be offered would be anyone’s guess.  These plaintiffs could also benefit from a Fosamax settlement loan.  If they’re facing financial difficulty, legal funding could put them on much more secure footing and allow them to pursue legal action without the threat of unpaid bills.

If and when these cases settle, Merck may only agree to pay small payments over time, not with a lump sum. If a plaintiff would prefer a single payment instead of waiting over time to be paid, Law Street Capital also offers structured settlement loans. It is an exchange or cash advance, allowing a plaintiff to sell part or all of the structured settlement for a lump-sum payment up front.  They may be especially helpful if a party has gotten into deep financial problems due to medical bills or an inability to work and wants to pay off debts sooner rather than later.

Find out if settlement funding is right for you

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