Car Accident Lawsuit Loans Help Victims of Rear End Collisions

Staff Writer | October 24th, 2013

Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

Finding out who is at fault for a car accident is not always easy, but in some common car crash scenarios, liability is more obvious. Rear end collisions are one example, as the tailing driver is almost always deemed at fault – so much so that insurance firms rarely even question it, and instead focus their negotiations on the damages resulting from the accident.

Even in these cases where the outcome is almost certain, injured parties can wait a long time for the legal process to finish its course. They may require car accident lawsuit loans in order to help them bridge the gap between being involved in a crash that wasn’t their fault and recovering the settlement or jury award that they are due.

So how do rear end collisions generally play out? Well, as we’ve seen, if someone hits your vehicle from behind, they are unlikely to have been following the rules of the road that require cars to keep a safe stopping distance between themselves and the person in front. Even if you stop suddenly, the tailing driver should leave enough room to brake safely.

Comparative negligence law

In some states this law is evolving after a number of rear end collisions were deemed to be unavoidable for the second driver. In Florida, for instance, a three car pile-up in 2005 led to a landmark ruling that concluded the rear driver’s negligence was not the sole cause of the crash. In cases like this, the driver that was struck can be considered partly at fault (especially if it is a multiple car chain reaction of rear end collisions where stopping distances were not sufficient between more than one vehicle). These ‘comparative negligence’ rules aim to spread the liability fairly across all parties involved.

But for the most part, if you get hit from behind, you will be considered the victim of the crash, and are entitled to compensation. You might have suffered injuries that require time off work, medical treatment, physical therapy, and other associated costs. The most common type of injury arising from a rear end collision is whiplash, which occurs when the head is suddenly jolted back and forward, forcing the neck muscles and ligaments beyond their normal range of motion.

Whiplash is usually treatable and those who experience it have a good prognosis. Others are not so lucky. Rear end collisions can cause more serious injuries, and the scope and cost of those injuries will play a big part in determining the level of compensation owed to the victim.

Determining liability in a rear end collision is usually straightforward. The level of damages that the victim can pursue depend on:

  • The seriousness of the injury
  • The cost of medical treatment
  • Prognosis
  • Impact on quality of life
  • Loss of earnings

Apply for car accident lawsuit loans

If you have been involved in a rear end collision that wasn’t your fault, you may face a lengthy legal process to win justice. The financial burden may be too great to bear, which is where pre settlement auto accident funding comes in.

Obtaining a loan to cover lost wages and medical bills can help you bridge the gap between filing a lawsuit and winning compensation. LawStreet Capital offer risk-free car accident lawsuit loans, where you only repay the cash advance if you win or settle your claim. Call us toll-free to find out more about our pre settlement funding options at 1.866. FUND.662