Lawsuit Funding and Loans for Lawyers

Staff Writer | January 4th, 2013

Personal injury lawsuits often involve a lengthy litigation process that places a heavy financial burden on plaintiffs and their families. When plaintiffs are unable to work due to injuries, have difficulty paying medical bills or struggle to cover basic living expenses, they usually feel more pressure to quickly accept a settlement that is less than the value of the case. Fortunately, plaintiffs who are having financial problems can obtain lawsuit settlement loans and no longer have to worry about being able to pay their bills.

LawStreet Capital offers lawsuit funding to plaintiffs and attorneys who need financial assistance during trying times. Litigation can be very costly and contentious, especially if the opposing party possesses an economic advantage. Lawsuit settlement loans put plaintiffs in a better position to fight for the compensation they are entitled to receive.

Plaintiff funding loans

During a personal injury lawsuit, it’s not unusual for the opposing party to utilize tactics that prolong the legal proceedings. A plaintiff with limited financial resources and mounting debt will more likely accept a low settlement offer if it appears the litigation will last for months or years. Plaintiff funding loans help injured parties pay their bills and give them some relief from the financial strain. The lawsuit loan application process is quick and simple. A plaintiff’s employment status and credit history are irrelevant. The amount of money the plaintiff receives is solely based on the merits of the case. 

Lawsuit loans for lawyers

Since many attorneys handling personal injury lawsuits work on a contingency fee basis, they don’t receive payment for their legal fees until a settlement is reached or a court award is granted. Throughout the litigation, an attorney needs to pay the legal team, filing fees, court costs and operational expenses for the law office. Lawsuit loans for lawyers provide attorneys with the money needed to cover their bills and the costs of litigation. This type of attorney funding gives a law practice a steady flow of cash and allows the attorney to continue providing the best legal representation possible. 

Apply for lawsuit loans

LawStreet Capital is a reputable direct lender that provides lawsuit cash advances nationwide. The loans are offered at competitive rates and there are no hidden fees. Our customers don’t take on any risk or liability by accepting a cash advance. If you do not win the case or receive any compensation, there is no obligation to pay back the loan.

Don’t put your case in jeopardy or settle for less than you deserve due to financial constraints. Complete the free online application and get a decision within 24 hours. Upon approval, we can submit the money via overnight mail or deposit the funds directly into your bank account. If you have any questions, call a helpful customer service representative at 800-345-8500.