Advantages of Lawsuit Loans

Staff Writer | December 13th, 2012

Litigation for a lawsuit or legal claim can drag out for months or even years. In the meantime, you may be struggling to cover your daily expenses, medical treatments and other costs of living.  Such monetary strain forces some plaintiffs into settling prematurely, but at what cost?  With lawsuit loans, you’ll have the money you need today to make ends meet until your case is resolved.

Lawsuit loans are a type of legal funding that gives you cash today based on the anticipated settlement or jury verdict amount of your pending case. This isn’t a traditional loan, but more like a cash advance.

The nation’s most trusted lawsuit loan company, LawStreet Capital offers settlement loans to those in need of an immediate influx of cash – whether it’s to pay your mortgage, purchase a car, or simply put food on the table.  Our easy application is completely risk-free, and most approvals are granted within 24 hours.

How do I qualify for lawsuit loans?

At LawStreet Capital, qualifying for lawsuit loans is relatively simple. If you’ve retained a lawyer on a contingency fee basis and have sustained provable injuries as result of another party’s wrongful conduct, you’re half way there. Your attorney must agree to the terms of the settlement funding transaction and reimburse LawStreet Capital from the case proceeds.

The benefits of lawsuit loans are numerous. Firstly, if you don’t win or successfully settle your claim, you owe us nothing. We assume all risks when we advance settlement loans, so you can rest assured their are no hidden fees or catches. With lawsuit loans, you can avoid the threat of foreclosure and bankruptcy, or refinance an existing loan to a lower rate.

Lawsuit loans are also advantageous for attorneys. This type of funding allows law firms to cover general operating costs and the expenses of ongoing litigation during challenging times, enabling lawyers to secure expert witness testimonies and build a thriving practice.

Quick application with no obligation

Getting started is quick and easy; just complete the form on the right side of your screen. Keep in mind that credit checks and employment verification are never required since approval for the lawsuit cash advance is based on the strength of your case. After we receive your application, we’ll conduct a brief interview with your attorney to confirm the facts and status of your lawsuit.

Apply today with LawStreet Capital

You’ll have your answer in as little as 24 hours, and in most cases we can overnight your funds, or transfer the cash to your bank account in just one day. Since LawStreet Capital is a direct lender, you’re guaranteed the industry’s lowest interest rates. If you feel our services could benefit you, please contact one of our helpful representatives today. Call toll free at: 1- 800-345-8500.